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Spiritual Direction: Debriefing: Counselling: Professional Supervision: Spiritual Retreats:

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a wonderful relationship with another as you deepen your awareness and intimacy with God. It is a time to explore

your knowing and being known by divine love within a context of safety and freedom. Focusing on God’s sovereignty and grace opens a space where one can grow in our imago dei created beauty. It is a time to be honest and able to explore the dark emptiness as well. Sometimes this will mean acknowledging spiritual abuse and trauma (RTS), transitions, grief,  or PTSD


Debriefing is a process whereby you intentionally process the past, and as a result of this, be strengthened for the journey ahead. We are pleased to come under the Pringa umbrella in this work. Please refer to Piringa Trust for more details.   

Fordyce House

Retreats are time away from the normal daily activities where you are invited to explore the unforced rhythms of grace. Where you give

time for transformation and renewal to continue. We offer creativity, silence, meditation, centering prayer for you to engage with your deeper self and each other. Retreats are divine therapy where healing, restoration, insight and imagination are given permission to play, they are hallowed spaces. 

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